PPSI Video Consultations: A First in Thailand

May 19, 2020

As part of our endeavor to deliver first class standard of care, PPSI is offering Video Consultations for a limited time. This is our way to reach out to our clients worldwide and help prepare for their surgeries while the world in on lockdown.

This is a limited offer and FREE of charge.


What is a Video Consultation?

Video Consultations or tele-consultations offers you and the surgeon one on one time to discuss the surgery plan and go through any possible risks that is involved. It is also gives you the chance to ask your questions and bring up other relevant matters with the surgeon.

How long is the Video Consultation?

To cater to other clients, each session is limited to 40 minutes. We keep a very strict schedule, so please do not be late. A delay in 10 minutes automatically forfeits your slot.

How do I organize this?

The first step requires you to register and upload your photos in our website (www.plastic-surgery-phuket.com/register). The surgeon will then provide you with a Surgical Recommendation. This recommendation will then be the basis of your tele-consultation with the surgeon. Without a Surgical Recommendation, we cannot arrange a video consultation for you.

I have a Surgical Recommendation, how do I book a date?

It is very easy to book an appointment for the video consultation, just send us an email ([email protected]) and we will take care of the arrangement.

Once a date and time is agreed, we will send you an invitation email with T&C’s and consent form. You need to sign a consent form for this. You can join the meeting using the invitation email with the link that was sent earlier.

Who else is in the Video Consultation?

One of our Coordinators will join the meeting to act as a witness, moderator, and note taker.

What happens after the Video Consultation?

A summary of the consultation will be emailed to you. If you are happy with the consultation, you can then choose a date that you want to book the appointment.

What device, application and other requirements do I need to prepare?

You need to create account in Zoom to be able to join the consultation. If using your laptop, open a browser and open https://zoom.us. Use the invitation link and meeting ID and password that we sent you in the email.

Zoom can be installed either on the smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can test your video and sound quality before the appointment.

You need to make sure you have a working video camera in your device, a working microphone, and stable internet connection. It is also recommended to choose a quiet place, with zero to very little background noise, for a successful consultation.

Other tips for a successful video consultation:

  • Be familiar with your surgeon. We can provide you his profile upon request or you can view it at https://www.plastic-surgery-phuket.com/surgeon/. This will help you feel more relaxed and confident during the consultation.
  • Review your Surgical Recommendation (provided to you via email).
  • Think about the outcome that you like to achieve with the surgery
  • List down any supplements, medications, previous surgeries (in case the surgeon asks about this)
  • Prepare your questions in advance
  • Take down personal notes so you won’t miss any important information

The Surgical Recommendation and Video Consultations do no replace an actual clinical assessment. A final face to face consultation is still required upon arrival to Phuket.

If you have any questions that we have not covered in this blog, know that we are keen to assist. Please reach out to us at i[email protected]


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