Male to Female Gender Reassignment Surgery (MTF GRS) or Gender Confirmation Surgery aims to create a functional vagina with an external appearance as close as possible to that of a genetic female, together with the associated sensations and feelings.

Dr Sanguan achieves this via a two stage procedure, to ensure that the necessary scrotal skin graft for the vaginal tunnel are carried out after an initial healing process of approximately 7 days. Until the second stage, the bleeding occurring from the first stage surgery subside and stop completely and newly formed granulation tissue provides an abundant blood supply, thus reducing the possibility of the skin graft failing.

Dr Sanguan is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) ( View profile and resume for Dr Sanguan.

Gender Reassignment Surgery

Gender Reassignment Surgery


  • The creation of a vaginal tunnel (Vaginoplasty)
  • The removal of the penis (Penectomy)
  • The removal of the testes (Orchidectomy)
  • The construction of clitoris, clitoris hood, and labia minora (Labiaplasty).
  • The construction of a new urethra opening (Urethroplasty)

Dr. Sanguan has improved MTF GRS techniques by using all of the sensitive skin from the corona ridge of Glans penis and prepuce skin cuff, with blood supply and nerves intact, to fashion the clitoris, clitoris hood and labia minora. By this process, the top of the glans becomes the neo-clitoris, and the underside forms the inner section of the labia minora – all preserved as one piece of skin. The color of the new labia minora will match that of the former prepuce skin. This new procedure significantly improves the external appearance of the new genitalia, as well as enhancing sensitivity.

STAGE 2 (after approx. 7 days)

Scrotal skin graft is used for lining the new vaginal tunnel.

Although many GRS surgeons discard excess scrotal skin, Dr. Sanguan has found it to graft successfully in the majority of cases, thus making additional skin grafts unnecessary. After the scrotal skin is removed during the first stage of surgery, it is safely refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius (approximately 39 degrees Fahrenheit), where it will remain healthy for up to 2-3 weeks, far longer than necessary. Before grafting, Dr. Sanguan carefully scrapes the scrotal tissue to remove hair follicles, thus preventing hair growth inside the vagina. This technique means patients do not require expensive and sometimes painful scrotal electrolysis prior to GRS.

The average vaginal depth will be 4-5 inches when grafted from the available penile and scrotal skin.

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Booking Process

Scheduling a MTF Gender Reassignment Surgery is fairly straightforward and easy to do. Appointments are subject to Dr. Sanguan’s availability and is recommended to be arranged at least 4-6 months before your intended travel period.

The first step is to register in our website, upload your photos, your referral letter, and transition history / personal background. The link for the website registration is:

Dr. Sanguan will review your registration form, photos, and documents. He will then confirm your eligibility for GRS and offer his availability based on your requested surgery date.

The second step starts when you decide to proceed with the surgery offer. You can confirm the appointment with your Foreign Coordinator. She will send you a treatment plan as confirmation. PPSI does not require a deposit. Instead, patients are requested to submit their confirmed travel itinerary and hotel booking.

Finally, the third step finalizes the appointment as well as your ground transfers. PPSI offers complimentary ground transfers for surgeries over 100,000 Thai Baht. This means we pick you up at the airport upon arrival, arrange a private car for your appointments, and drop you off at the airport upon departure.

Want more information?

To read and see more about gender reassignment surgery, download the PDF fact sheet.

Download PDF

Price List

Male to Female GRS (G.A.)

Recommended Recovery Days: At least 21 days

THB 400,000  Register
Laparoscopic Colon Vaginoplasty (G.A.)

Recommended Recovery Days: At least 14 days

THB 450,000  Register
Skin Graft Vaginoplasty (G.A. or IV Sedation/Spinal)

Recommended Recovery Days: At least 14 days

THB 200,000  Register

Secondary Labiaplasty (G.A. or IV Sedation/Spinal)

Recommended Recovery Days: At least 7 days

THB 60,000  Register
1 Stage SRS (no vaginoplasty) (G.A.)

Recommended Recovery Days: At least 14 days

THB 160,000  Register
Orchidectomy (G.A. or IV Sedation/Spinal)

Recommended Recovery Days: At least 7 days

THB 60,000  Register

Prices include all hospital fee, operating room, anaesthetists’ and doctors’ fees, nursing fee, a single private room, standard meals, routine pre-surgery tests (Chest Xray, CBC, EKG), medications and medical supplies. Generally patients will only pay an additional amount for telephone calls, additional pre-surgery tests and additional meals extra to the standard hospital supplied meals.    

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