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Our Get A Free Quote provides you with a real time quote on your selected procedures, flights and hotel costs.

Procedure prices require payment in Thai Baht however you can get a price estimate in your preferred currency by selecting the preferred currency at the top right of this page. You input your selections and you will receive by email a real time live cost.

  • Once you receive your estimate you can then contact us and we will provide you with additional information and a plastic surgeon’s opinion of the plastic surgery procedures that you are considering, and your suitability as a client.
  • Please note that the information provided to you is an online estimate based on the information you input and is not a final quote. A final quote can only be provided once you have consulted with one of our plastic surgeons, and we have full information on your travel plans.
  • The travel and accommodation components provided in our online estimate system are based on the minimum recommended time required for your chosen procedures and treatments. The prices are always subject to change, for example, the availability of flights, flight booking class and accommodation categories that you select may alter prices. Prices are subject to change because of these and other factors.
  • Your estimate will also be provided to you in the currency that you select, and currency rate fluctuations may alter final costs. To obtain an estimate please complete the required fields on each page, pressing Next to move between pages. When you have confirmed the details are correct on the last page then click on Submit. Within a few minutes you will receive your estimate to the email address provided. If you request further information on the final page it will be diverted to our consultant to answer your question and should then arrive to your email address with 24 hours.

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