PPSI welcomes Motiva Implants

April 16, 2020

Establishment Labs has spent decades in scientific research on the relationship of breast implant surfaces and the human immune system response. This journey created Motiva Implants. These implants were designed to marry beauty, lifestyle and surgical aesthetics while focusing on patient’s safety and satisfaction.

Motiva brings new innovation in the field of breast augmentation and we are proud to inform you that this is available in PPSI. A welcome addition to our existing implant choices we are known for.

We have the Motiva Ergonomix™ and Motiva Round Implants.

Motiva Ergonomix™ presents natural shape regardless of the position, mirroring the movement of natural breast tissue by the gravity. It has documented efficacy after years in the market, promising consistent softness over time. It is filled with ProgressiveGel™ Ultima Silicone Gel for the most natural look and feel.

Filled with ProgressiveGel™ Plus, Motiva Round Implants guarantees the highest projection and a complete filling of the upper pole of the breast. It features balanced gel elasticity and firmness, upper-pole fullness, younger active look, and fullness profile while creating a shape with a natural feel.

Motiva Implants offer 3 unrivaled advantages for you:

BLUESEAL® BluSeal® is a patented visual safety indicator that maximizes safety. This allows surgeons to ensure the entire implant shell barrier layer (which reduces the risk of gel bleeding) is 100% intact before insertion. It also helps pinpoint the condition of the implant and efficiently rule out any rupture.

Qid®/Q Inside® Safety Technology™ It is the world’s first US-FDA approved RFID micro-transponder for use in subdermal implantation in humans. Through this built-in chip embedded in your implant, you can authenticate the Motiva Implant that you have. This means you have access to all information regarding your breast implants at all times, including notification and instructions on safety advisories through the MotivaImagine™ App.

TRUEMONOBLOC® Present in all Motiva Implants®, this flexible, multilayer system creates a unified structure that links all implant components (gel, shell, and patch). As a result, this allows for easier insertion, robust function, and a tested safety profile.

In terms of Capsular Contracture, the overall complication rates of less than 1% reported through 8 years of Post-Market Surveillance of Motiva Implants. Further, studies also show 0% Implant related events in a 6-year report on prospective safety outcomes. The proprietary shell has also been proven to minimize inflammation and maximize biocompatibility, no report of implant rupture, capsular contracture, double capsule or late seromas at 6 years following 35 patients in a 10 year follow up study with MRI assessment.

Motiva Implants® Product Warranty

ALWAYS CONFIDENT WARRANTY® For the lifetime of the device, every Motiva® Breast Implant is under the Always Confident Warranty® in cases of implant rupture.

PRODUCT REPLACEMENT POLICY In cases of capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV specifically, all Motiva® Breast Implants are covered by Product Replacement Policy, within a period of 10 years.

MOTIVA® EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM In addition, patients can sign up for the Motiva® Extended Warranty Program(s), depending on their personal case: • For Motiva Implants® without Q Inside Safety Technology™, under the 2Y Motiva Program™ • For Motiva Implants® with Q Inside Safety Technology™, under the 5Y Motiva Program™

Supplementary to replacing the product, a financial assistance program is also available for each affected implant and to cover the cost of any revision surgery in the event of a warranty claim or capsular contracture with a Baker Grade of III and IV.

To learn more about Motiva Implants, pricing, and other information, please do not hesitate to contact our Coordinator at [email protected]

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