Urgent Announcement

November 13, 2012

PPSI wishes to inform everyone that effectively immediately, we will no longer be offering Polyurethane (PU) implants for surgery. PPSI has made this decision because:

  1. Of difficulties in securing appropriate stock from suppliers with Thailand who no longer import adequate stocks of PU implants and the need to source through Singapore.
  2. Once PPSI has secured stock, we are unable to return unused stock to the suppliers, or obtain any refund on returned/unused stock.
  3. Of the difficulties in correctly ordering exact sizes and types of PU implants (relying on rice tests and body logic form completion).
  4. PPSI does have in stock selected PU implants of various sizes and styles, and we will be offering those implants to clients on a first come, first served basis at a heavily discounted rate of 130,000 Baht. For clients who may wish to use this offer, please contact our coordinators at [email protected]

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